I am quite a collection of messes and beautiful things.
My wonderful parents have been married more than 68 years and counting. They have passed that legacy forward in our family. 
My husband, Mark and I have been married more than 32 years and we have three amazing children. Mark has been self-employed for 25+ years and working hard to provide and lead our family. 
Our oldest, Josh, is married to a beautiful young lady, Courtney and they are passionately serving the Lord in leadership roles in worship and group leaders at Clear Creek Community Church. Josh is employed as an IT Specialist in Deer Park ISD and Courtney is on staff at Clear Creek Community Church.
Our lovely daughter, Jess is employed at All Star Furniture as Administrative Supervisor. She loves helping others. She leads worship at Edgewater Church, where we attend.
Our youngest, Jake is married to his beautiful wife, Paige and they are actively serving at Edgewater Church. They are the youth pastors at Edgewater Church. Jake as well has an outdoor ministry, Moving Mountains Ministry. Jake is a P.E. teacher in Pasadena ISD and Paige works for a NASA contractor.
My family is wonderful and such a blessing. Honored and humbled as a wife and a Momma. I was a teacher and coach for many years and now I am spending my time writing and mentoring women, as well as studying for teaching/speaking events. I have been leading women’s groups for more than 5 years and am currently leading women’s ministry at Edgewater Church. 
Those are my beautiful things. I am a woman that has been broken…over and over. A woman that lived in chains and believing the lies of the enemy, but I NOW live completely FREE and HEALED!! I LOVE sharing my life…my struggles and failures…good and bad…in hopes of bringing HOPE and FREEDOM to people that are in bondage and captive. 
May the Lord BLESS you!
 “God is good. He redeems. He restores.”