A Beautiful Mosaic: What Will God Create From the Pieces of Your Life?

Whitacre Stained GlassFANTASTICAL FRIDAY! Up and groovin’ this morning! Ponytail day! Love that I have one, even if tiny. Ready for an eventful day and jam-packed weekend, but know He is in it and with me in it. Last night was such a blessing to my heart. I love the gathering of women. I love to see God in the midst and moving. I love to see hearts on the move and His Spirit in our midst. He is beautiful.

So ever since I was very young, I have always loved stained glass. I remember walking in some different churches and having chapel each week with some windows that had stained glass. I have always been fascinated by its beauty and all the colors. I have always wanted to have a stained-glass window in our home, buy an old one out of a church or whatever, but the price is more than I am willing to pay. When I eventually have the time, I plan on taking a stained-glass class so I can learn how to make one. I even have a “mock” stained glass in our living room, so you get the picture.

God recently gave me a vision one night about stained glass and myself, which I will not share all of it but only part, a part that I feel can speak to all of us and was not just for me in this season.

I was walking out in the outdoors—a beautiful place with open spaces, some trees, beautiful grass, and deep-blue skies with white cottony clouds. As I was walking, God was walking with me, and we were talking about all the beauty, and I was thanking Him for some of the things my eyes were seeing as well as things with my family. His voice was gentle and soothing and, yet, strong and sure. As we walked, we would occasionally see pieces of broken glass in various sizes, various shapes, various colors. As we walked and talked, I picked up each piece, and we continued our journey. After a good bit of time, we came to a place where there was a collection of the glass on the ground, and there we stopped. God began to talk to me about what He was/ has been doing in my life. I stood and watched as He put together in midair these pieces of glass. He assembled them into a large “stained glass” window (not shaped like any particular window shape). As He put these pieces together, He spoke of how much He loves me and has loved me through each season and circumstance in my life. As He worked, He revealed to me that each piece of glass we had picked up along the way and the pieces we found at the end are all times in my life—seasons of joy and victory, seasons of darkness where I felt alone and ugly, seasons where I loved well, and seasons where I was selfish. All circumstances, all season.

And as He finished the work in front of me, He shone the sunlight brightly through it, and it lit up. All the colors were magnificent and beautiful in a way they had never been while walking and holding them in my hand. As we walked along the path and picked up all the broken pieces, broken places in my life, we came to the end and found all the places and pieces of victory and joy and love. God took all those and assembled a beautiful life. And without the light of Christ shining through me, my life would never be as truly beautiful as it should be, and the beauty is meant to be shared and bless others.

So I look at how we never realize or see the true beauty of stained glass until the light shines through it, and it blesses the one that sees it. When He had nished the work and as the light shown through, He said, “Behold! is is you, dear one. I am using your life. All the pieces. All the hurts. All the joys. I can put them together and make it beautiful, but only because you gave me the pieces. You were meant to let My light shine through you and bless others.”

Today, this word is meant for each and every one of us. We each need to give God what we hold in our hands, what we have in our hearts—brokenness, shame, joy, love, hurt. And He can take it all and make it beautiful. He can use it for His glory, and when we hand Him the pieces and let Him assemble them and let His light shine through us, oh, friends, it blesses others. Let us be a beautiful blessing today. Let us be assembled as a blessing and not for ourselves. Without the light, the stained glass is just dark and never fully as beautiful as it was created to be. Behold. Love loud!


** This is an excerpt from Suzanne’s soon-to-be-released book, Tiny Revelations Devotional

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